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Cat Tattoo Meaning

Cat tattoo may be seen by many people, a lot will obviously be cat lovers, cats are usually associated with a mysterious intelligent persona with a selective independent nature, many cat tattoos have meaning based off a cats property’s such as these but can also be more personal such as a remberance of a person or a loved family pet. The common cat is also a relitive of the much larger lion breeds.

Cat Tattoo Meaning: Remberance

Cat tattoo portraits of loved family pets are defiantly on the rise, they are very personal to the wearer and the meaning behind them is very deep and hard to explain. Only the wearer of such a tattoo would know the relationship they had with their pet and it would bring back fond memories of a lost love. These cat tattoos would be very individual and there would be no two alike.

Cat Tattoo Meaning: Goddess

The ancient Egyptians would praise their lunar goddess named Bastet and cats were depicted on the head of this goddess, cats were a very sacred animal for these people.

To fully honor their goddess cats would be mummified with mice so the mummified cats had something to eat, therefore it would not be unusual to see a cat tattoo in something that is representative of ancient Egypt times.

In old Roman times cats were also seen as a guardian of houses and they were a symbol that someone had domestic goodness.

Cat Tattoo MeaningCat Tattoo Meaning: Witchcraft

Folk law would consider cats to be unpredictable smart animals that you can never really predict what they are going to do. Their strange behaviors and sometimes crazy going on coupled with a great intelligence and sense of mystery have linked particularly black cats to that of witchcraft; you may see someone with a cat tattoo that is interested in this kind of mysterious legend.

Cats can quite often can be given a bad name been coupled with the witchcraft but we should see it in another light that we should change our ways like the cat, be mysterious and not stick to our old habits. It can be a symbol of moving on with life having a cat tattoo.

Cat tattoos can have many different meanings, usually the wearer of cat tattoo designs have their own meaning behind the design and only they will be able to tell you this, you should know people who have a cat tattoo maybe likened to their pets and be mysterious cleaver creatures themselves!