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Crow Tattoo Meaning

Crow tattoo design meanings

Crow tattoos are widely misinterpreted; usually the wearer of a crow tattoo will have their own meaning behind the design. Some tests have been done on crows and it would indicate that Crows are very smart in comparison to other bird species.

This intelligence and cunningness had lead people to believe Crows do not have a good first impression but different cultures would perceive this differently.

Crow tattoo designs can be found in many arrangements and are often added into a tattoo design of a scene. They are seen as dark and mysterious for this reason alone many people will get a crow tattoo.

Crow Tattoo Meaning: Negative

Crows in many cultures are associated with a negative meaning, their representation of darkness, thievery and death. They appear around times when something bad is likely to happen and are seen as a bad omen. This negative look towards crows is partly because of their presence at past battles; crows are meat eaters and therefore eat the meat from dead soldiers at war.

Crow Tattoo Meaning: Positive

Crows have much wisdom and are very clever; they can and should be seen in a good light and as inspiration. Northern American culture would see crows as a spirit guide; crows are messengers of prophet and are associated with many good things such as wisdom, intelligence and magic.

Crows have very good sight and not much escapes their vision, they are seen in groups and there is always a look out, especially when they are feeding.

Crows have a language and even though its sounds like cawing to us each noise represents a different meaning. Crows intelligence means that they can use and make tools and you will often see one crow observing another, they watch and see what happens and learn from this.

Many people get crow tattoos of a representation of wisdom, future and love. Crows are messengers and while some see them as a bad omen others would see crows as a new beginning, the blackness like a mother’s womb before the light of a new birth. Crow tattoos can have a meaning of change and it is up to the individual’s perception weather this is to be a good or bad change.

For whatever reason you get a crow tattoo this will always be special, it will likely cause much conversation and you will have to be the one to decide whether your crow tattoo meaning is a positive or negative thing.