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Rosary Bead Tattoo Meaning

If you are considering getting a rosary bead tattoo for your next design its advised that you take special caution in to the meaning of these, the word rosary is deprived for the Latin word rosarium that translated is ‘rose garden’. The rosary tattoo has very strong mostly Christian values and can be considered offensive if worn by non-Christians.

The fact that it can be offensive means it will likely be only Christians that will mostly wear this design but if you are a Christian tattoos in the bible shouldn’t really be your thing either so why do people get rosary bead tattoos?

Rosary Bead Tattoo Meaning: Christian

In more modern times tattoos are becoming more accepted, even amongst Christian folk and is seen widely as acceptable now days to have tattoos as a Christian. The rosary beads as an item are used for praying and are not for jewellery purposes. The beads are used to count the series of prayers that make the rosary. A rosary is made up of five sets of ten beads.

Rosary Bead Tattoo Meaning: RIP

Rosary bead tattoos can be seen on people that are using them as a memorial piece to a lost loved one; they will quite often have the praying hands holding the beads with a banner and name inside of this. This meaning of the rosary bead tattoo is very much a modern take and some people may not understand this. Many people interpreted the rosary bead tattoo as something appropriate to honour loved ones.

Rosary Bead Tattoo Meaning: Modern Times

In more recent times the rosary bead tattoo has little meanings to some people and is used purely as a decorative piece. This design can be commonly seen around people’s ankles or wrists and is sometimes done as a whole belt around the waist. People who get these rarely know what the meanings behind them really are and just like the look of a bracelet style tattoo.

Some people who have just found the Christian faith will also get rosary bead tattoos to be cool and show off their dedication to their lord possibly not really knowing what they are getting either.

If you are getting a rosary bead tattoo because of the last two reasons you may want to reconsider but as always it is your design and you can apply whatever meanings you want to them, so if this holds a strong and powerful symbol and you know some of the background, a rosary bead tattoo could be the right choice for you!