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Samurai Tattoo Meaning

The Samurai dates back many centuries ago and there is some myth and a lot of truth about them. Samurais are known for their very dedicated service to their lord and a great discipline is needed to be a Samurai. The Samurai in tattooing is held in high regards as the most powerful and masculine honor that one could aspire to be, the strict code bought about the words of the phrase ‘the way of the warrior’ a translation from the original word of ‘Bushido’.

Samurai Tattoo Meaning: Military

Samurais are a Japanese warrior much that of the military. They wore distinctive amour that would have been made from iron or leather and were small pieces bound to make a suit, the suits would be covered in lacquer to protect these from the elements. Some Samurais became loose killers under their lord’s wishes and their dedication was such they would sometimes enter a battlefield and not return.

Samurai Tattoo Design Meanings

Samurai Tattoo meaning: Martial Arts

Samurai tattoos can be seen on many martial artists, it a strong symbol of the focus needed to conquer this discipline and many martial artists look up to the samurai as inspiration to strive to be to the level of the samurai, their powerful images showing their fearless skills in swordsmanship and other events like the arrow can make the samurai tattoo have a meaning across a range of sports and activities.

Samurai Tattoo Meaning: Living For the Moment

Because of the samurais high regard in the community they were always seen as one of the greatest ideals, this has spilled over into western world and now is an international symbol of masculine grace and power, the loyalty and honor behind the samurai means they have a great importance towards living for the now and not to assume tomorrow will come.

Samurai tattoos can be seen any were in the world now and is usually a predominant piece of art work, many collectors of Japanese art will have a samurai tattoo design incorporated into their theme and it will likely be placed within the design in a place of power, many depicted with a sword in their hands in the battle pose. These Tattoo designs can be either in black and grey or full color. A lot of Japanese tattooing makes use of full color and subtle grey areas.