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Tattoo Meaning Strength

Many people want to get tattoos that symbolize strength.  Men and women view strength differently.  Most men want to strength tattoos that literally represent physical strength. However, most women want strength tattoos that symbolize mental strength.  

Tattoo designs that mean strength

Tattoo Meaning Strength 1: The Celtic Cross

This tattoo is huge among Christians. It is basically a cross over top of a circle.  It represents Jesus Christ’s suffering and death.  To Christians, there was no greater pain and suffering that what Jesus went through.  He demonstrated the ultimate form of physical and mental strength. People often get this tattoo to remind them of what he had to go through.  

Tattoo Meaning Strength 2: Animal TattoosTattoo designs that mean strength

The lion, shark, bull, and eagle are some of the most popular tattoos for symbolizing strength. The lion is one of the most feared predators in the African Safari. The Shark is also one of the strongest and most feared creatures in the oceans.  The bull is suborn and freakishly strong. The eagle is fast and precise.  Each animal represents a different version of strength that people like to portray.

Tattoo Meaning Strength 3: Japanese Kanji

In today’s culture, Kanji tattoos are still very popular.  Kanji represents more of inner strength than physical strength.  The Kanji tattoo is a Japanese symbol that stands for strength. There are literally hundreds of versions of this tattoo.  It is up to the person who wants the tattoo to choose the one that is right for him.  These tattoos were usually for soldiers who were going to war or to engage in combat.  These tattoos were designed to give warriors strength in battle. The strength to fight adversity, the strength to be independent and true to yourself, and the strength to pursue your own goals are just a few of the versions of strength that the Kanji represents.